In a Quarterback’s League, Do You Know Who’s Taking Your Snaps?

Here’s a post from one of our new copywriters. I’ve been promoted to President of Overseas Operations or (POO) as I now force my underlings to refer to me. This is Brent Widmark, and he’ll […]

Mischief. Mayhem. Football.

God Bless America, football is finally BACK! Each season it seems like the layoff was a little longer than last year, but the Men of Winter (that’s the opposite of Boys of Summer, right?) took […]

Offseason Moves

Here’s a post from a new writer we have here at the blog. Check it out below. Hi, I’m Dan Bressler and I’ll be writing from time to time here on the blog. I’m a […]

V-R-E? R-V-E? How do you spell it again?

And the old cowboy ambles in to dusty bar once more. Brett Favre is back and at this rate, I imagine he might actually play for all 32 franchises before it’s all said and done. […]

Oh, Oh! Pick me! Pick me!

Drafts are great. Fantasy drafts. Real life drafts…Draft beers. This weekend the NFL Draft makes its annual barrage on hope, expectations and exhaustion.