NFL Week 8: 10-Favre

Usain Bolt adopted a cheetah named Lightning Bolt. Stephen Colbert and Colbert Nation are sponsoring the U.S. speedskating team in the Vancouver Olympics. A golfer tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Manu Ginobili pulled a […]

NFL Week 5: Feast or Famine

It was a feast or famine week in the NFL for most teams in Week 5. Some teams looked great in victory, some looked ugly in victory and some looked truly disastrous in defeat. I […]

Learning Curve

NFL players and coaches like to talk about the four quarters of the season. As we wrap up week 4, the first quarter comes to a close and we can start to see some emerging […]

2 Down

Week 2 showed us once again that parity in the league is back in full force and that as many have begun to notice, perhaps home field advantage isn’t all it was once cracked up […]

Mischief. Mayhem. Football.

God Bless America, football is finally BACK! Each season it seems like the layoff was a little longer than last year, but the Men of Winter (that’s the opposite of Boys of Summer, right?) took […]

Almost Home

We’ve had some hots and colds around here lately. The holiday season is our busiest time, plus, we were just repeatedly mentioned in one of the most widely read sportswriter’s blogs. Bill Simmons,’s pre-eminent […]