NCAA Football Tailgate Rituals

Beep…Beep…Beep. It’s 5am on Saturday morning. I jump out of bed filled with excitement, its GAME DAY! Time for tailgating, hanging out with fellow crazed fans and of course the NCAA football game! Everyone has their own allegiances and own rituals surrounding game day. Many of us even have superstitions when it comes to our favorite team.  (I still believe if I don’t wear a certain necklace my team will lose, although they lose when I’m wearing it still!)

Tailgating is one of my favorite game day rituals. I love getting up early and staking claim to the piece of lawn or cement that will be mine for the next several hours.  Some tailgates are super high tech with huge TV’s and several appliances. I think top notch tailgates begin with an Iowa Hawkeyes tailgate tent.  Add in a few accessories and you’re golden. Here are a few of my favorites: an Iowa Hawkeyes BBQ Set, a Hawkeyes Tailgate Table, and an officially licensed NCAA football Ladder Golf Set. I’m thinking of adding the ultimate accessory to my tailgate this year: an 11″ x 14″ x 17″ Portable Party Fridge which has a 24-can capacity and plugs into a car outlet or works at home!

The best part about NCAA football is win or lose, we’ll all be out there next week cheering them on the whole day of the game while we tailgate!

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