How Bout Dem Cowboys

It’s official. The Dallas Cowboys are the hottest team ever.

That might be a small overstatement, but there is no doubt that they are playing great, and their hot start has led to a lot of excitement in Texas and nationwide. After the Cowboys lost the first game of the season, they reeled off 10 straight wins in a variety of exciting ways. Their hot streak is partially due to perhaps the most unlikely reason imaginable – the loss of their franchise Quarterback, Tony Romo, to a back injury. This led to management turning to their rookie 4th round draft pick to save the season.

Dak Prescott was drafted out of Mississippi State to be a backup to Tony Romo, but he wasn’t even slated to be second string coming out of training camp. Once Romo got hurt, the Cowboys even tried to trade for another QB to take over the starting spot. It was only after nothing could be worked out that the Cowboys decided to let Dak have a shot, and he took the starting role and has never looked back. Now, Tony Romo is back from the Injured Reserve list and isn’t getting his starting spot back.

The Cowboys have another rookie, running back Ezekiel Elliott, who is leading the NFL in rushing in his first year as well. Together, these two rookies are taking the league by storm as they have built the best record in the NFL and are almost certainly headed to the playoffs. Can they overcome their lack of experience and win some tough playoff games to make it to the Super Bowl? It certainly would be the ultimate Cinderella story if they can get there.

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