FansEdge Fantasy Football – Week One

Yes, fantasy football has officially began and even us at FansEdge are getting in on the action – how could we not – we are a sports retail company after all!  There are fantasy football teams ranging from customer service to marketing, it seems like football fever has taken over the office and the only prescription is a first place win.  I will be joining a group of 14 co-workers who are all extremely competitive, and eager to bring home a victory.  In the beginning, things can be a little overwhelming – more so for someone who has never competed in a fantasy football league before.  More specifically, that someone is me (but let’s have this be our secret!).  The sports that I follow are more hockey and baseball related.  I do keep up with football, but not as intensely as those who are in my group.

From the beginning you could tell it was an entirely new atmosphere in regards to the smack talk.  Even the nicest of co-workers were giving you digs on your fantasy picks that would make you second guess your choice!  I don’t remember any of my friends in baseball or hockey drafts getting this brutal. We decided on an offline draft, having all of us together choosing our pick at a local establishment that hosted us.  The downside to so many people in the league, naturally, is that most every known or “good” player will be chosen;  leaving scraps for those last few remaining picks – having to place your league on the line with a sleeper or no-namer.  Sleepers and no-namers are half the fun of fantasy leagues in my opinion; perhaps from me being a constant rooter for the underdog.  They can either do really well and come out of nowhere, or crash and burn, but if you get to reap their rewards the feeling will be top notch.

As most should know, the NFL season kicked off last night, meaning the league has officially started.  The first match-up of my fantasy football career was on – no pressure! In fact, I’ll be competing against another author of the FansEdge Blog, emoore.  (You can read some of his latest posts here and here)  Although he had no players starting and I had one (Eli Manning), and after last night, I have taken the lead.  Of course, being off to an early (and very premature) lead, I had to get into this smack talk scene while I still had the chance:

Will I be more than likely eating my words come end of the week?  Certainly.  Do I now feel comfortable and apart of this fantasy football league? Of course.  I will be documenting my progress of my league and my first year experience as we continue into the coming weeks. Time to throw on my lucky nike Chicago Bears jersey, and get started.

Be sure to leave me some great beginner tips in the comment section below, and wish me luck this NFL season, I’ll need it!

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